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a woman standing next to a body of water

Maria Saldana

Balmoral Assistant General Manager

Maria has been in the hospitality industry for over 7 years prior to joining Land Tejas in the opening of America's First Lagoon-Side Restaurant in Humble Texas. A native of Guanajuato, Mexico, relocated alongside her mother to the United States at an early age and since then Houston Texas has been home. While initially attending college to be a Criminal Justice major, she later decided to shift career paths and turn course to the hospitality business. Once set in motion she rapidly advanced within the company and branched out into different areas of management. The concept of Blue Lagoon Bar & Grill instantly captivated her interest. The foundation and grand potential of Blue Lagoon enticed her and is undeniably delighted to be a part of the opening of the second location in Texas City, under American Resort Management. With the ultimate goal to unceasingly enrich her mind with knowledge in all aspects of the business and hospitality industry; while expanding every skill set and building the brand for Blue Lagoon Bar & Grill and all of its future projects.